Moyo Data Academy

Knowledge knows no boundries. Our data academy offers a diverse array of data-related training courses.

The Moyo Data Academy has become invaluable to businesses and individuals alike and has assisted our fast-growing client base to gear themselves for the future of data, technology and digitalization.

Training is not a once-off event, but rather a journey. And it is this sentiment that has helped us design unique and targeted training journeys – or tracks as we call them. In this way, we equip our clients to mature their data skillset towards a unique and specialised career purpose.

When people knock on our door, they are welcomed by a team of data experts, who offer the latest market technology, while providing advice on market trends, methodologies, and techniques.

Moyo Data Academy Training Tracks

Are you ready to bolster your data analytics skills? Explore our Data Analytics training tracks.

Microsoft PowerBI - Basic Jounrey (instructore led)

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Microsoft PowerBI Accelerate - Standard Journey (instructore led)

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Microsoft PowerBI Accelerate - Intermediate Journey (instructore led)

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Microsoft PowerBI Accelerate DA100 Readiness Journey

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The Fundamentals of Microsoft AI and Machine Learning Track (instructore lead)

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PowerBI Customised - End-User Adoption Track (instructore lead)

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Tableau Official Curriculum - Tableau Desktop Associate and Professional Track (instructor led)

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Custom Data Visualisation Tableau Track (instructor led)

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Tableau Customised - Data Science Kickstarter FastTrack (instructor led)

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Tableau Customised - End-User Adoption Track (instructor led)

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Moyo Data Academy Training Programs

We transform data learners into data experts and equip organisations with future-fit skills. Explore our offering.

Moyo Data Academy Leadership Development Programs

We grow leaders into dynamic change makers and forward thinkers, who are ready to lead the organisation of the future.

The CIO Mentorship Program

A Program hosted by leadership experts for C-level IT Professionals. Click on the button below to find out more and apply.

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The CIO Mentorship Brochure

Want to find out more about our fees and upcoming scheduled training events download our brochure!

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Customise your Training Experience

We’ve added coaching and mentorship to our bucket of offerings. By doing so, we are now able to assist individuals and teams to turn their newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Customised training

We also offer customised training solutions to enable organisations to have their talent pool trained in industry and organisation specific learning scenarios.

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Coaching & mentoring

Out team of data experts offer a mentoring and coaching service to help individuals further intergrate the outcome of their learning journey to the workplace.

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Moyo offers a range of tailored enterprise technology solutions that leverage our partnerships with leading global technology companies.