Critical Thinking For The Modern Business Analytical Process

Product description

Would you like to broaden your understanding, behavior, and critical thinking when participating or contributing to a project or deliverables, while equipping yourself with modern frameworks, methodologies, technology, tools, and techniques to be better geared for the rapidly evolving digital age?

Then this program is for you!

Presented by a team of 7 experts in their respective fields, the golden thread of this program is to focus on how one can think critically, logically, and differently about each life cycle event that one would typically get on an Analytics process.

Course Details:

Duration: 24 hours program presented virtually over a 4-week period

A corporate discount of 10{62639642e3bfcc1ab16fd53032f805387ece795ae4fef1ad7e875f4c6c6a3d11} applies for a group of 8 and more – Get in contact with us to qualify for a discounted rate.


Course Outcomes:

During this program, delegates will be equipped with sufficient information regarding stakeholder behavior and how to apply critical thinking when participating in a project or deliverable. It is not the intent of this program to qualifying delegates in roles such as Data Scientists, Architects, Analysts, Analytics Manager, or BI Specialists, but rather to equip delegates with:

  • A basic understanding of various frameworks that describe the different levels of thinking and how it can help to start to understand the concept of critical thinking.
  • The entire life cycle of a typical project or product and the elements or capabilities one would need to navigate through the entire Business Analytics process.
  • Tools, techniques, and best practices to apply when navigating through the business analytics process, which includes thinking critically throughout each step as referred to in the list of the modules below.
  • Practical examples using real scenarios and how to use some of these techniques, which includes practical steps and cheat sheets on how to approach each Lifecycle / Module.
  • A holistic view of the different roles, skills, input, and participation of stakeholders by clearly defining which role-player is typically involved in each step of the lifecycle.
  • An understanding of how the business problem can be analysed, modeled, mined, visualised, and executed during each phase of the business analytics lifecycle.


Course Outline:


  • Critical Thinking & The ladder of Inference



  • Module 1: Holistic Business Lifecycle
  • Module 2: Business Event Modelling
  • Module 3: Gap Analysis
  • Module 4: Impact Analysis
  • Module 5: Innovation and Technology (AI for Business Users)
  • Module 6: Data Storytelling
  • Module 7: Development and Testing
  • Module 8: Handover & Adoption


Audience Overview:

Who will benefit from this program?

Any person working in the Business Analytics Lifecycle or deal with teams delivering Analytics projects. This can include:

  • CIOs / CDOs / CTOs
  • Analytics, IT Managers or Team Leaders
  • Project or Program Managers / Scrum Masters
  • Analytics or BI Analysts / Specialists
  • Analytics Developers
  • Analytics Testers
  • Product Owners
  • Business stakeholders that contribute to the Analytics team delivery


  • A basic understanding of business analytics
  • Recent participation in analytics projects
  • An open mind
  • Willingness to challenge convention

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