Excel For Analysts

Product description

Are you struggling to convert your data findings into a data story when you meet with the decision-makers in your organisation, or do you have difficulty to consolidate various data sources into a single, meaningful dashboard? Then this course is for you!

At Moyo Data Academy, we regard ourselves as astute data people. Our facilitators are experts in their respective disciplines. Apart from being exceptional trainers, they have vast experience in their respective fields of expertise. Our extensive knowledge of the intricate layers of the data world enables us to impart real understanding of how the entire data process works, before delving into the
detailed functionalities of a specific programme or system. This holistic approach to data training has elevated us to be a leading training facility.

During this course, we will not only teach you how to navigate through the different programme functionalities, but also explain how you can tell a data story, applying Excel visualisations. By using practical and real-life scenarios related to a typical business analytical process, we will journey through the various logical steps one can follow to gain real data insights.


Audience Overview:

This course is designed for corporate individual or teams that would like to take their advanced Excel skills to the next level. We accommodate groups between 1 and 12 users. It is for anyone who works with data. This course will show you how to link andmodel data in Excel and create visual reports that reveal data insights.


Course Outcomes:

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the components of Excel
  • Work with Excel files
  • Connect to data sources with the Excel desktop client
  • Create a report with visualisations (the range includes: Matrixes, Tables, Charts, Maps, Gauges, Cards, KPIs and Slicers)
  • Transform and sanitise data
  • Use the query editor
  • Model data and manage relationships
  • Manage report pages
  • Change report view options
  • Add static objects to a report


Course Outline:

Topics covered during the course include:

Getting Started

  • An Introduction to Advanced Excel
  • Working with Excel Desktop Files
  • Connecting to multiple Data Sources with Excel Desktop
  • Creating a Report with Visualisations
  • Doing More with Visualisations

Working with Data

  • Transforming and Sanitizing Data
  • Using the Query Editor
  • Using DAX in PowerPivot
  • Data Modelling
  • Managing Relationships

Working with Reports and Visualisations

  • Managing Report Pages
  • Changing Report View Options
  • Working with Visualisations
  • Adding Static Objects to a Report
  • A Closer Look at Visualisations, Matrixes, Tables, and Charts / Maps / Cards, Gauges, and KPIs / Slicers


What is Included?:

The course material includes a workbook that contains key concepts on each topic covered, as well as hands-on activities to further enhance your learning experience. In addition, you will have access to the digital student resources folder, filled with case studies, Excel workbooks and data sources.


  • 16 hours facilitated virtually
  • Presented over a 5-day period of 3-4 hours per day.


  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Excel installed
  • Learners must have an advanced knowledge of Excel and have basic and knowledge of data modelling.