Tableau And Moyo Customised Combo Track

Product description

This a customised Tableau track, and includes the Moyo Data Academy’s Tableau Fusion program (Combination of Tableau Desktop I & II, the difference between Fusion and the official Desktop I & II, is it is customised with the focus on more exercises and comes at a reduced cost, but delegates will not be able to get certified)

Data Storytelling is included to the track as a option to improve the delegates ability to design better and more effective dashboards by using the art of data storytelling.


32 hours

Selection from the individual courses (Three months to complete)

Kickstart your career with Tableau training

The Moyo Data Academy is a Tableau Accredited Training Partner, the only of its kind in the African region.

See the skills track for your accredited Tableau training under "Tableau Desktop Associate and Professional Track."

The Data Academy also provides our clients with a customised, instructor-led Tableau learning journey, see the "Custom Data Visualisation Tableau Track", "Data Sceince Kickstarter FastTrack" and the "Tableau Customised End-User Adoption Track."

Our mentorship offering, coordinated by our team of skilled Tableau experts, will add tremendous benefit to your skills development journey. Reserve your seat on one of our Tableau tracks or book your Tableau journey from the selection of corporate and individual programs.

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