Tableau Desktop: Fusion Training

Product description

Are you looking for a customised Tableau training offering based on your company’s data, environment and processes? Then this course is for you!

At Moyo Data Academy, we regard ourselves as astute data people. Our facilitators are experts in their respective disciplines. Apart from being exceptional trainers, they have vast experience in their respective fields of expertise. Our extensive knowledge of the intricate layers of the data world enables us to impart real understanding of how the entire data process works, before delving into the detailed functionalities of a specific programme or system. This holistic approach to data training has elevated us to be a leading training facility.



“For the eighth consecutive year, Tableau is positioned as a Leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. In a time of incredible growth, market evolution, and increased customer expectations, Tableau has scaled to meet the needs of the data-driven enterprise with customer-focused innovation and platform expansion”

This five-day programme was developed based on the Tableau Desktop I & II curriculum and covers all the important aspects of working on Tableau Desktop. Each day of the programme will consist of three components: connecting to data, building views and sharing the results in a dashboard.

Training is currently conducted in a virtual setting, but onsite training can be provided if needed. In addition, we can also precede this programme with a two-day programme for corporate groups on Data and Environment Preparation, focusing on analysing and preparing the data and input for the Fusion programme, so that the content is based on your organisation’s data structures and use cases and delegates are then trained on scenarios they are familiar with. Should you wish to include this option, we will then arrange for an expert analyst to have a pre-training content preparation engagement with you, over a period of three days. Our standard consulting rates will apply in this case.

Moyo Hodari is the only certified Tableau training partner in Africa. Moyo Hodari has skilled and expert level facilitators who are actively consulting on day to day basis to ensure they stay relevant with new market trends and techniques. All our facilitators have successfully completed the tableau train-the-trainer exams.


Audience Overview

This course is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to work on Tableau Desktop. It is best suited for people that want to learn more about the application of the Tableau tool.


Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Sort, filter, slice and graph using Tableau Desktop
  • Combine multiple data sources using joins, blends, and unions
  • Customise views by using dates, parameters and calculations
  • Create bar charts, and line graphs
  • Create a basic map to easily detect geographic variation
  • Create interactive dashboards and stories combining multiple worksheets
  • You will be able to format numbers and dates and add labels and tooltips


Course Outline
  • Tableau Platform
  • Application Terminology
  • Getting Started in Tableau Desktop
  • Connecting to different data sources
  • Live data connections
  • Saving and editing data sources
  • Understanding changes to data
  • Changes to data
  • Adding data filters
  • Sorting data
  • Creating groups and hierarchies
  • Using dates
  • Using multiple measures in a view
  • Creating combined axis graphs
  • Creating dual axis graphs
  • Showing relationships between values
  • Creating scatter plots
  • Showing specific values
  • Creating crosstabs
  • Creating highlight tables
  • Changing the aggregation
  • Adding totals and subtotals
  • Using multiple data sources
  • Combine data using join
  • Combine data using union
  • Blend multiple data sources
  • Using join calculations
  • Creating an extract of your data
  • Customising your data with calculations
  • Creating new calculated fields
  • Creating level of detail calculations
  • Using quick table calculations
  • Adding reference lines to a graph
  • Creating parameters
  • Using maps to visualise data on a map
  • Creating tree maps
  • Creating box and whisker plots
  • Compare two measures
  • Showing progress towards a goal
  • Create subsets in your data
  • Add trend lines to a graph
  • Create an interactive dashboard and story
  • Sharing your dashboards and stories


What is Included?

This course includes a digital course manual containing key concepts on each topic covered and hands-on activities to reinforce the skills and knowledge attained.


Are you ready to step into the future with a brand-new set of skills and insights?



Virtual 3 Day Course Presented Over Five Days



Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Teams Tableau Desktop Free Version Installed

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