Tableau End-User Adoption Track

Product description

This track is ideal for end-users of Tableau Reports. It will focus on providing the end-user with the basic understanding of data, what changes to expect and behaviours to adopt to. The end-user will also be equipped to use Tableau as an application, build basic reports from existing data models and how to navigate and receive support.

It includes:

1. Data Literacy:

  • The Data Literacy masterclass provides Tableau users with the understanding and techniques to emphasize the importance of data as part of a data culture in organizations. This masterclass will focus on how companies can change behaviour and strategy to gear your organization to become data driven using Tableau as a tool.
  • Why do we need to speak Data as an Organisation?
  • How do we think differently about Data as a culture?
  • Your Data Skills in your organisation – Persona’s
  • Establish and understand your Data Maturity!
  • Prepare my Workforce to adopt a Data Driven Culture / Behaviour
  • Mobilize Sustainable Traction


2. Data Fundamentals

  • The Data Fundamentals course is a nontechnical course for Professionals to gain understanding of the basic techniques, methodologies and technology used in the digital age to manage data in organizations. You will learn the elements and capabilities your team or organization must adopt to successfully manage insights throughout the data lifecycle.
  • The various Data Types.
  • The Data life cycle and flow explained.
  • A Typical Data Environment
  • Why do I need to structure my Data?
  • Business Analytics / Data Analytics / Big Data Explained
  • My team and skills for Data Projects
  • Data Mining vs. Understanding your Business


3. Tableau End-User Bootcamp

  • Tableau Introduction and Fundamentals
  • Connecting to data sources
  • Functionally of Web-Authoring
  • How to View and Filter your Tableau Dashboards
  • How to build your own Dashboard on existing Data Model
  • Organising and customise your Data
  • Basic calculations



10 hours

Selection from the individual courses – 2 Months to complete

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