The CIO Program

Product description

Successfully leading and effecting IT transformation has never been this crucial.

The CIO programme, a mentorship, and networking initiative launched through our partnership with the CIO Recruitment Firm provide an engagement platform for Information Officers and IT leaders across all industries, bringing together a wealth of knowledge that is aptly suited for the fast-paced and rapidly evolving digital era, where collaboration and networking have become more important than ever before. Hosted by renowned CIO Len de Villiers, who has received numerous accolades for his visionary leadership and invaluable contribution to the IT industry at large, this programme will navigate our handpicked candidates through a development journey that includes topics such as:


Module 1: CIO as a Journey

  • The journey to become a Group CIO
  • The characteristics of a successful CIO
  • The core capabilities and attributes of a successful CIO


Module 2: The Role of the CIO

  • How to Lead as a CIO in the Digital Age
  • Role description of the Modern CIO
  • Different roles / responsibilities of a CIO
  • How to Manage large IT Teams
  • How to Manage large IT Projects
  • How to Manage and adapt for Change


Module 3: Conduct of a CIO

  • Dealing with politics at a corporate level
  • How to interact with other C-suite peers
  • How to interact with partners, suppliers and other companies
  • How to manage ethics as a CIO
  • How to establish team culture, moral and healthy work environment


Module 4: Strategy Formulation I

  • Best of breed vs Best of Suite
  • Key strategic building blocks of a CIO
  • Strategic engagement components of a CIO
  • Strategic objectives of a CIO
  • Legacy decommission and the future


Module 5: Strategy Formulation II

  • How to devise a strategic EA roadmap
  • How to construct a strategic IT plan
  • Producing a prioritisation framework for a CIO
  • How to make strategic choices as CIO
  • How to become a data driven organisation


Module 6: Performance & Results

  • Best practices for the CIO
  • Performance balance scorecards of a CIO
  • Using a SWOT to drive resolution as a CIO
  • How to measure Team and People Health


Course Duration

6-month program (1 Module per month)


Course Outcomes

For full course outcomes, click here to download the course brochure.



CIOs and aspiring CIOs who want to become part of the CIO network and Community of Practice.



The CIO Mentorship Program is accredited by the Institute of Charted IT Professionals. Delegates will have the option to join and complete the CIO Mentorship Program with or without the accreditation. Should you wish to earn accreditation from ICITP and SAQA, kindly choose the accreditation add-on when you check out.


Registrations for Module 1 close on 19 August 2022

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