ONE80 Academy

Product description

Empower your workforce and drive digital transformation forward.

What is the ONE80 Academy?

The One80 Leadership and Data Academy provides employees and/or graduates with data skills and leadership training.

It provides a foundation in understanding how to master self-development, ready participants for the workplace, polish communication skills and to engage, inspire, and persuade with data.

We assist organisations in bridging capability gaps to help future-proof employees.

Our programme offers a combination of data skills and leadership short courses, with the backbone, the incorporation of the following courses:

Let’s Go

A journey of self-discovery to master self-development and to help them understand their individualism and the greatness that awaits inside them. It’s about self-awareness, compiling a personal development plan, being authentic and building their personal brand.


This programme has an aim to ready participants for the work place, ready to contribute, communicate, be a model follower, be curios and continue learning and perform.


Enhance listening skills, refine verbal and non-verbal communication, polish presentation skills and learn how to communicate more effectively.

Critical thinking

Strengthen the ability to make informed judgments in various situations,  distinguish between strong and weak critical thinkers and elevate decision-making capabilities.

Data storytelling

Learn to create impactful visualisations that enhance storytelling, engaging, inspiring, and persuading with data.


Our offerings are customisable to meet the specific needs of each team. Below are just a few examples of additional courses that can be incorporated into the programme:

Excel for Analysts

This course covers everything from intermediate formulas, Pivot tables, Power Query and charts. Whether beginner or an experienced user, there’s something for everyone.

Power BI Fundamentals

Learn how to connect disparate data sets, transform, and clean the data into a data model and create charts or graphs to provide visuals of the data.

Women who Lead

Empowering women leaders to find their voice, exhibit courage, remain authentic, and make significant contributions, fostering leadership, innovative thinking, and impactful behaviour within their teams and organisations. 

Team Building

Through enjoyable and motivational team-building events, teams develop communication, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills, fostering genuine connections and deeper discussions.


Designed for beginner SQL users working with data, this course provides a foundational understanding of SQL’s core functionalities.


Programme Outcomes

This programme provides a foundation in understanding how to master self-development, ready participants for the place of work, polish communication skills and to engage, inspire, and persuade with data.



This programme is designed for teams or a selection of individuals/groups of empoyees or recent graduates seeking to enhance or acquire new skills, ensuring readiness for work or making a complete 180 degrees turn in their skill set.


Course Duration

The duration of this programme can vary from six weeks to six months, determined by the selection of programmes compiled.


Many of our alumni secured employment as BA- or BI consultants, data engineers, or developers.

The ONE180 Academy is a collaboration between Moyo and thinking fusion AFRICA.

Why ONE80?

  • We are committed to empowering employees to enhance their skills and broaden their experiences.
  • They will learn from esteemed professionals within a vibrant learning environment.
  • We uphold values of integrity, innovation, inclusivity, and personal development.
  • You have control over crafting your employees’ learning path.
  • Upon programme completion, your employees will possess invaluable insights into data skills, navigating the corporate landscape, and, most importantly, self-awareness.
  • Companies facing skills gaps often struggle to fill vacant positions. However, bridging these gaps not only facilitates internal job fulfillment but also boosts employee retention.



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